What I would like is to see what happens afterwards when I switch off Post Kinds

To YAML Or Not? by Ton Zijlstra (zylstra.org)

In Obsidian.md, my notes viewer/editor, it is possible to add YAML frontmatter to each note. This is content ignored when a note is displayed and is used to add metadata to a note. The Dataview plugin allows one to query such metadata to display selected lists of such notes. (‘Show me all notes in…

from which author does this appear to be? I logged in using IndieAuth using my https://www.zylstra.org/blog credentials.

Indeed, one of the other things was installing test wordpress instances. So I can test.

One of the things is that the response lay-out in the site and the  feed can differ. Which is odd.

Watch and Learn by Ton Zijlstra (zylstra.org)

Yesterday I realised once again the importance of watching how others work with their tools. During the demo’s of what people worked on during IndieWebCamp Utrecht I was watching remotely as Frank demoed his OPML importer for Microsub servers. At some point he started sending messages to his Micro…