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  • A conference bio for politician Ton Zijlstra

    Ton Zijlstra is a Dutch politician who has served as a member of the Dutch Parliament for the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy since 2010. Prior to his political career, Zijlstra was a business consultant and executive at several major Dutch companies. He is a strong advocate for free market economic policies and has […]

  • The History of Zettelkasten

    The Zettelkasten method is a note-taking system developed by German sociologist and philosopher Niklas Luhmann. It involves creating a network of interconnected notes on index cards or in a digital database, allowing for flexible organization and easy access to information. The method has been widely used in academia and can help individuals better organize their […]

  • What is ActivityPub?

    ActivityPub is a decentralized social networking protocol based on the ActivityStreams 2.0 data format. It is designed to allow users to share and interact with each other across a wide variety of platforms and devices, from social media websites to mobile apps. ActivityPub is based on the principle of “federated” networking, which means that it […]

  • A Two Month Experiment

    I’m starting an experiment for December and January. I’ll write more about the reasons for it, but this is just to briefly describe it, and to test my WordPress with Mastodon set-up. During two months I will be regularly posting computer generated texts to a separate Mastodon account. Any interaction around these texts will be […]

Is generated text worthy of human reading time cost?

A two-month experiment by Ton Zijlstra